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House Hunting

Not also much is happening on the mass forepart these days.  I've been reading some ARCs that I requested from NetGalley, but hence far nothing's been also impressive.  I'm also having problem getting the books saved to my flash drive, but that's neither hither nor there.  So since I'm abode sick today (there's something going around, a picayune worse than a mutual depression temperature but non quite the flu) I figure I'll speak virtually our solid hunting project.

Chris as well as I convey been looking at houses inwards Massachusetts almost every weekend for over a calendar month now, non including all the houses nosotros looked at inwards New York earlier the holidays.  I desire to say we've completely given upwards on NY existent estate, but at that topographic point are withal some houses that nosotros could afford if nosotros genuinely wanted to try.  The occupation is, he hates NY as well as I'm ambivalent.  So we've been looking to a gre…

Short Video: The Fantastic Flight Books Of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Watch this spell you lot tin flaming - I accept a feeling it volition move removed soon.  This brusque celluloid (15 mins.) is upwards for an Oscar for Best Animated Short.  Such a perfectly beautiful message - equally long equally nosotros read, books volition alive for us.

Bookstore Design

As a follower of NPR Books on Facebook, I encounter a lot of articles most novel books, neat poems, too all sorts of focused articles. But today they posted a link to The xx Most Beautiful Books inwards the World, a fantastic display of over-the-top crazy-awesome bookstores similar you've never seen before. And if you lot guide maintain seen them before, consider me jealous.  Check it out, because some of these bookstores are but plant of art.

From the article:
With Amazon piece of cake taking over the publishing globe too bookstores closing left too right, things tin sometimes seem a lilliputian grim for the brick too mortar booksellers of the world. After all, why would anyone exit the comfort of their couch to purchase a volume when amongst exactly a click of a button, they could guide maintain it delivered to their door? Well, here’s why: bookstores too then beautiful they’re worth getting out of the household (or the country) to watch whether you lot ask a novel hardco…