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National Women's Day

I'm non big on the whole "National (Whatever) Day" affair considering every solar daytime is a National Something Day.  I wonder if there's a National Walk Your Dog Day.  But I did run into i article that made me think, too genuinely appreciate women inwards this civilization that seems to endure regressing dorsum to the thought of women equally property.  (That's an aside that's neither hither nor there, exactly thought I'd throw it out there.)
This article on Flavorwire lists 10 kick-ass woman someone literary characters, some of which I concord with, too some of which are arguable.  I disagree alongside Hester Prynne, solely because I actually hated that book.  She may conduct hold come upwardly out alongside her caput held high, but I never actually read her equally a rigid woman.  I also admired Jane Eyre, but didn't especially taste her equally a character.  Considering she falls for a human who lacks whatever existent redeeming qualities, it bot…