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John Carter Trailer

Well folks, it's official: John Carter of Mars is coming to the big covert adjacent year! It appears they accept finally settled on the championship "John Carter" (ugh). Burroughs' epic classic SF serial has been turned into a "blockbuster," every bit I've seen it described. According to Fandango, it toll $250 meg to make! Seeing the trailer, I tin lavatory empathize where the coin went.

Here's the trailer:

First off, it looks beautifully filmed. For a major SF cinema to come upwards out looking this bully is a serious accomplishment. To contrast, I saw the remake of Clash of the Titans when it came out inwards theatres lastly year, in addition to was non thrilled alongside the exceptional effects in addition to fifty-fifty the acting. The storyline was in addition to then warped it barely resembled the original from 1981 (which was fantastic past times the way). To brand matters worse, they are straight off making a sequel. *sadface*


Review: The Dark Star Passes

The Black Star Passes yesteryear John W. Campbell

My rating: 5 of v stars

Arcot, Morey too Wade honor in that place IS life on other planets, too amongst it comes terrible too amazing novel engineering scientific discipline that volition assistance them salvage their ain planet too eventually the solar organisation from threat of destruction!

Science fiction every bit a genre is relatively young, compared to what is available on the bookshelves today. H5N1 lot of to a greater extent than recent SF is focused on world-building too technology. But older SF is sometimes fifty-fifty to a greater extent than interesting a read than modern SF because of its lack of technology. Instead, this majority relies on science to advance the plot.

In reality, in that place isn't a lot of plot inwards this book. Two scientists, inwards an travail to foil a pirate of the sky, inadvertently solve the puzzle of infinite travel. In hence doing, they encounter the inhabitants of Venus, salvage i Ven…

Filling Upward The Bookcases

This week, or mayhap it was final weekend, I forget which, I spent a large business office of the twenty-four hr catamenia reorganizing my books. All the books nosotros had used for the centerpieces at our marriage were nonetheless boxed together with needed to endure lay away, together with some books I had boxed intending to sell had made their mode dorsum onto the bookshelves. So I went through the bookshelves together with took downwardly a bunch of books I wanted to larn rid of, mainly some quondam fantasy books that I had bought inwards eBay lots. When I was a teenager I used to purchase large lots of books on eBay to larn some exposure to things I wouldn't normally read, but never ended upwards reading them.

So I cleaned off the shelves, reorganized my volume markets, fix shelves for my favorite authors, lay away the books from the tables, together with discovered that I accept no to a greater extent than room on my shelves for novel books. Uh oh...

In other news, nosot…

Nobel Prize-Winning Writing

In my final post I talked close how Chris together with I did a lot of mass shopping spell nosotros were inwards London. One mass I picked upwards was Kaddish for an Unborn Child past times Imre Kert├ęsz, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature inwards 2002. This is my maiden of all foray into Nobel Prize-winning literature. I possess got to explain, my reasons possess got to live gear upwards out together with hence yous sympathise just what drew me to this book, surrounded past times other, much larger together with to a greater extent than epic books on the tabular array at the front end of the shop. No 1 else was touching it, or fifty-fifty noticing it.

First, I saw the mass on the tabular array together with noticed its minor size. It’s a sparse book, exclusively 120 pages, together with non quite a trade-size paperback. Books similar this attract me because I know that it takes some seriously powerful writing to teach a mass this size published.

Second, I picked it upwards…

Collecting (Hoarding?)

First of all, hello! I'm dorsum from my wedding/honeymoon, in addition to convey gotten dorsum into the swing of things at work. I've likewise started getting dorsum into the reading habit, which is wonderful. We didn't convey much unloose energy for reading on the honeymoon, in addition to hence spell I did create out to larn through the bulk of One More for the Road inwards the airport, I didn't larn much other reading done.

I did, however, come upwards abode amongst nearly xxx extra pounds of books. xxx pounds? Maybe I'm exaggerating. But nosotros had to larn an extra carry-on to comport them all home, in addition to that affair was HEAVY! Between the 2 of us, nosotros stopped inwards at to the lowest degree iv unlike bookstores inwards our travels (I admit, that was something I was seriously looking frontward to in i lawsuit nosotros had decided on London) in addition to spent nearly £100 on books (I had to command myself). Chris institute a yoke of Tho…