John Carter Trailer

Well folks, it's official: John Carter of Mars is coming to the big covert adjacent year! It appears they accept finally settled on the championship "John Carter" (ugh). Burroughs' epic classic SF serial has been turned into a "blockbuster," every bit I've seen it described. According to Fandango, it toll $250 meg to make! Seeing the trailer, I tin lavatory empathize where the coin went.

Here's the trailer:

First off, it looks beautifully filmed. For a major SF cinema to come upwards out looking this bully is a serious accomplishment. To contrast, I saw the remake of Clash of the Titans when it came out inwards theatres lastly year, in addition to was non thrilled alongside the exceptional effects in addition to fifty-fifty the acting. The storyline was in addition to then warped it barely resembled the original from 1981 (which was fantastic past times the way). To brand matters worse, they are straight off making a sequel. *sadface*

Anyway, this motion painting looks incredible! Not to cite the music that was chosen for the trailer, Peter Gabriel's encompass of Arcade Fire's "My Body is a Cage," i of the close haunting songs ever written. It was perfect for the musical note of the trailer. You tin lavatory compare both versions here. I actually relish Peter Gabriel, in addition to I honey his version of the vocal (although I e'er accept exceptional places inwards my midpoint for originals). I didn't mean value it was possible, simply his version is fifty-fifty to a greater extent than haunting than AF's, although non quite every bit mind-blowing.

Now, this is a mass blog, non a motion painting blog, in addition to then I volition tell that I loved seeing things inwards the trailer I recognized from the books, similar the fact that John Carter tin lavatory bound extremely high. They besides had a quick shot of his calot, a dog-creature, Woola. He's cuter than I imagined!

My i disappointment in addition to then far is Dejah Thoris - I don't purchase that she's the close beautiful adult woman on the planet, because she's far from the close beautiful adult woman on this planet. Granted, that's a personal opinion.

After seeing the trailer, I'm actually excited to run across this movie. It's going to live a tough few months' hold off until it comes out!


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