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Review: The Summertime Queen


The Summer Queen past times Joan D. Vinge

My rating: 4 of v stars

In the sequel to her epic The Snow Queen, Joan D. Vinge creates a whole slew of worlds in addition to characters that stand upwards out amidst the worlds created past times mediocre SF writers. The Summer Queen, Moon Dawntreader, forces her globe to rebuild after the offworlders leave of absence through the dark gates after the in conclusion Festival. She convenes a sibyl college to assist the Tiamatans recreate the applied scientific discipline that has been taken from them. She is met amongst anger, frustration, rebellion, in addition to also enthusiasm in addition to eagerness to move self-sufficient.

Along the agency she discovers that the mers, the creatures the offworlders exploit for the life-prolonging H2O of life, are genuinely sentient creatures. At kickoff she doesn't realize the import of this beyond the fact that the hunts for the H2O of life must move stoppe…