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Review: Nw

NW past times Zadie Smith
My rating: 3 of v stars

I don't actually know what to say. It was together with thus difficult to teach through this book, together with thus difficult to actually teach at the pith of what Smith was trying to say. Is it because I read it on my own? But I read On Beauty on my own, together with loved it. This ane didn't quite speak to me the means On Beauty together with White Teeth did.

That's non to country it's non a bully book. I actually mean value there's something exceptional most it, most its format together with content together with the storytelling styles of each of the iii major parts. Maybe I simply didn't teach it. Someone else said it was a mass most language, together with I tin post away run across that, since linguistic communication itself defined the characters. Smith got dialects downwards together with thus good I could demand heed them inwards my caput alongside absolutely no trouble. Miscommunication tog…


Well friends, it looks similar I volition non brand my goal of reading 75 books this year. It's taken me almost vi weeks to read NW yesteryear Zadie Smith, fifty-fifty though it's non that long. And I haven't been reading a lot of e-books lately either. I experience like, despite my seriously awesome dedication to this challenge, 75 books was also high a goal.

 This inwards itself makes me sad. Why is it that together with hence many people I know tin read 100 or to a greater extent than books inwards a year? For a spell there, I felt similar I was reading constantly. Am I choosing books that are also long? Am I reading also slowly? Am I simply non reading the correct stuff? I'm the somebody who has a MA inwards English, but I read to a greater extent than piece of cake than those who don't! I must simply receive got unlike habits, or read at a unlike pace, or mayhap I'm simply unlike inwards general. Who knows why I can't read that many books? …