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2012: A Retrospective (Of Sorts)

Another yr gone, some other lump of books read.  To survive quite honest, I'm non disappointed inwards myself at all for failing to laissez passer on my 75 volume goal.  In looking at my list of books read this year, I am quite proud of the genres, lengths in addition to authors I've tackled this yr in addition to I am feeling rattling accomplished at a amount of 51 completed books for the year.  Of course, I can't count the ii unpublished manuscripts I read, nor tin I count the volume I am working on proofing (I am getting it chapter past times chapter, hence I haven't finished reading it yet equally it's non yet done).  But if y'all create count those inwards my totals I'm upward to 54, which is admirable inwards itself.

Anyway, plenty patting myself on the back.  And don't heed me equally I accept a brusk stroll through some of my most memorable reads of the year.

(There are captions underneath the photos - I don't know how to alter the coloring …

Review: The Interplanetary Space Kingdoms

The Infinite Kingdoms yesteryear Michael Rutherford
My rating: 4 of five stars

I received this mass direct from the author, to read together with review if I liked it. Which I did. So hither goes.

The Infinite Kingdoms is actually 3 semi-short stories, non related yesteryear whatever characters but exactly yesteryear the fact that they all convey house inwards the same world. Perhaps they convey house simultaneously, possibly inwards dissimilar ages. It's impossible to tell, together with truly, it doesn't much matter.

The outset tale, The Tale together with its Master, sets upward the Kingdoms nicely, every bit it explains well-nigh the Guild that makes upward much of the Kingdoms' culture. The Guild's total refer is The Guild of Seers, Speakers, Dreamers, Storytellers, together with Non-Fanatical Prophets. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 baby, Remus, is born to a Storyteller, together with grows upward to uncovering that he has to a greater extent than talent inwa…