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In Memoriam

It's the speak of the town, only somehow it seems to non live on enough.  Maurice Sendak passed away this morning, together with the basis has lost a brilliant star of children's literature.  Do people quite grasp the importance of this man's work?

Where the Wild Things Are was, together with however is, 1 of my favorite books.  It is my favorite mass to break equally gifts, to immature children or expectant mothers.  I dear thinking that the adults cry upwards the book, together with cry upwards how much they enjoyed reading it equally a child, together with thence overstep that dear on to their children.  I promise to someday accept children of my own, together with I volition live on reading this mass to them, you lot bet your bottom.

But Where the Wild Things Are wasn't his exclusively book.  He likewise illustrated the Little Bear serial past times Else Holmelund Minarik.  In instance you lot don't cry upwards (impossible, I know), Little Bear was the fantasti…