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Banned Books Week

What a slacker I am! I didn't fifty-fifty realize it was Banned Book Week hither inwards the US! It's over on Saturday, but yous should never halt reading banned books. In my opinion, the argue books are banned is because people can't guide keep the (sometimes difficult) truths inwards them. One of my favorite YA authors, Laurie Halse Anderson, deals amongst parents trying to ban her books from schools all the time. She has but about real interesting posts on her LiveJournal most the effects these attempts tin possess got on teens too their might to create out amongst the things they guide keep every day.

H5N1 mass I constantly recommend to people who are interested inwards reading banned books is her novel Speak. It's most a teen daughter who is raped at a political party the summertime earlier her freshman twelvemonth of high school. She withdraws into herself, has problem expressing herself, too finds the strength to speak too expose him exclusively afterward…


Well, I'm managing to brand progress alongside the book hunt for the centerpieces. This by weekend, Chris together with I went to Down inwards Denver Books together with used the 2 Groupons I bought a piece ago. $15 for $30 worth of books, together with I bought 2 - thence nosotros got $60 worth of used books for $30. In total, nosotros came away alongside eleven books, closed to of which volition grace the tables at the wedding! I'll convey to become dorsum in that place because the prices are actually skilful together with a skilful chunk of the books are inwards hardcover.

I can't await to locomote done planning! It's been fun matching people to tables together with and thence to authors. I withal convey a lot of locomote to produce on the seating charts though. Once that's done, together with thence nosotros tin come about the escort cards. Chris's mom got me a bunch of library cards that we're going to role inwards Chris's typewriter, toget…


There has ever been something blasphemous to me inward destroying a book. When I worked at the bookstore, our volume markets were stripped of their covers for returns. The covers went dorsum to the publisher every bit proof the books were destroyed, in addition to the books themselves were thrown out. [Some may or may non receive got made their mode onto my bookshelves…] This do made me sad, except when it came to the devastation of romance novels, in addition to books past times James Patterson. I was doing the footing a favor in addition to I did it with glee! Just goes to show, fifty-fifty I receive got my (judgmental) flaws.

Stripping books past times my favorite authors was hard, though. Towards the terminate of my fourth dimension in that place the fantasy department was going through a purge, in addition to I was directed to strip Terry Pratchett in addition to Piers Anthony, alongside others, because their catalogues were in addition to thence large in addition to they …