There has ever been something blasphemous to me inward destroying a book. When I worked at the bookstore, our volume markets were stripped of their covers for returns. The covers went dorsum to the publisher every bit proof the books were destroyed, in addition to the books themselves were thrown out. [Some may or may non receive got made their mode onto my bookshelves…] This do made me sad, except when it came to the devastation of romance novels, in addition to books past times James Patterson. I was doing the footing a favor in addition to I did it with glee! Just goes to show, fifty-fifty I receive got my (judgmental) flaws.

Stripping books past times my favorite authors was hard, though. Towards the terminate of my fourth dimension in that place the fantasy department was going through a purge, in addition to I was directed to strip Terry Pratchett in addition to Piers Anthony, alongside others, because their catalogues were in addition to thence large in addition to they weren’t selling. I should receive got seen the terminate of the shop inward this rationale, but instead I was lulled into the imitation belief that the shop had been in that place forever, in addition to ever would. I directed my frustration at the administration in addition to the fact that I wasn’t genuinely allowed to showcase the books I loved inward favor of less stellar authors who simply happened to sell better. In reality, the decline inward sales because of e-books, Amazon in addition to the large box stores genuinely killed our powerfulness to create to a greater extent than than shill the bestsellers.

In college I looked upon writing inward schoolhouse books every bit a terrible thing. I was shocked at first, seeing my classmates taking notes inward the margins of their texts, in addition to refused to create it myself. But I shortly realized simply how helpful it was to hold off simply to the left or correct of a highlighted judgement in addition to run into my ain reactions, instead of having to plow to a page inward my notebook that mightiness non fifty-fifty brand feel anyway. I started to receive got notes inward the margins of anthologies (you should run into my re-create of Tradition in addition to the Individual Talent), textbooks, in addition to fifty-fifty novels. Spines were broken, pages cruel out, in addition to I’ve gone through at to the lowest degree 2 copies of Dan Simmons’ Hyperion because of all my notes in addition to re-reads. Even my dear Katharine Kerr books haven’t escaped. My tendencies changed with experience.

Before I worked at the bookstore, earlier I went to college, books were sacred. Sure I’d curvature the spine, but I never intentionally destroyed books. The virtually writing I retrieve doing inward them was my cite inward the front. Maybe a doodle when I was little. But books were treasured, in addition to all the to a greater extent than especial because someone took the fourth dimension to write the words down. To approximately people books are simply words on a page. To me books are worlds, in addition to the words on the page are the images that demo us these worlds. Why would I desire to defile them with my ain words, or through rips in addition to tears?

Over the final few years I receive got seen books used inward all sorts of projects. Mostly, the books are dismantled, or cutting to pieces, spines taken apart to last used every bit boxes or other bindings, pages stamp-cut into shapes in addition to used for decorations. When my out-of-town maid of abide by suggested using these punch-outs every bit tabular array decorations at my upcoming wedding, I was non cool with it. Cut upwardly my favorite books? Blasphemy! But she brought a duet examples out spell visiting this summer, in addition to I was swayed. They looked great, in addition to they come upwardly from approximately of my favorite texts. H5N1 double win! My bridal shower was this weekend, in addition to she made huge pump fans out of Emma, i of Jane Austen’s greatest love flush novels, in addition to laid them within the bloom centerpieces. They looked absolutely beautiful in addition to I know that the tables at the marriage are going to last simply every bit great.

So I guess you lot could tell I’ve taken a novel persuasion of books. I joined inward a garage sale at my parents’ household this summertime in addition to went through my bookcases looking for things to instruct rid of. My friends expressed stupor in addition to surprise when they heard I got rid of books. Me. The volume hoarder. The i who prefers owning to borrowing, fifty-fifty if the volume wasn’t good. And to enjoin the truth, I sold a few books I genuinely liked because I knew I’d never read them again. That was a showtime for me. It genuinely made me happy to enjoin the soul looking at the volume that I loved it, idea it was great, but simply didn’t run into a re-read inward my future. I promise they liked the books every bit much every bit I did!

I receive got also started swapping on Goodreads. It’s a groovy mode to plow over along books I can’t sell, in addition to I don’t receive got to pay anything to mail them out. Unfortunately my bird is inward a dry reason of chaos correct similar a shot in addition to thence I’ve had to deny a few requests because I couldn’t observe the books. Once the marriage is over I conception on going through all my shelves with a fine-toothed comb in addition to deciding what I tin sack in addition to cannot alive without. I already receive got a few books pegged for removal. Hopefully sometime shortly I tin sack instruct a barcode scanner in addition to catalogue them all too.

Over fourth dimension my views on books every bit tangible objects receive got changed. I write inward them. I interruption the spines. [But exclusively on volume markets.] I allow them to last cutting upwardly inward the cite of decoration. I SELL THEM! Who is this soul I receive got become? Is this a bad thing? Have I betrayed the i involvement that never allow me down? I promise not. I promise that inward the futurity my love for books tin sack move past times anything I create to them physically, because the words volition last inward my pump always.

Plus, I tin sack ever instruct approximately other copy, right?


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