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Make An Impact

Being friends amongst a published author has its advantages together with disadvantages.  Being able to read together with offering feedback on novel operate is a actually non bad experience, but knowing that a serial you've been enjoying for iii books may non run across the low-cal at the destination of the tunnel actually puts a damper on things.  That's when you lot receive got to mean value almost your priorities, together with your friendship, together with what you're actually willing to practise to run across something locomote published.

Readers are driving the marketplace position correct now, equally it seems they e'er have.  I spent several years working inwards a bookstore, together with never genuinely appreciated how those books came to live on there.  Every calendar month nosotros would locomote catalogues inwards the mail, amongst page later page of books past times authors I'd never heard of.  I would pollex through them, inquire if I could locomot…

Goodreads: Independent Mass Blogger Awards

Hello everyone!

I know it's been a picayune spare around hither lately, as well as that's my ain fault.  I've been reading a lot, precisely haven't been motivated plenty to write close what I'm reading.  I gauge it has to create alongside the fact that I've been reading a lot of groovy books, precisely they aren't books that compel me to nation much other than "I loved it!"  I did larn by to complete Little Dorrit a pair weeks ago, which made me rattling happy.  It was a groovy book, precisely it actually did accept some of my dear for Dickens away.

In other news, Goodreads is starting their Independent Book Blogger Awards as well as I nominated myself.  Why not, right?

Voting doesn't outset until Apr 10th, precisely delight vote for my blog! I could win a trip to Book Expo America inward NYC, as well as I've ever wanted to become to a mass expo!

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