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Being friends amongst a published author has its advantages together with disadvantages.  Being able to read together with offering feedback on novel operate is a actually non bad experience, but knowing that a serial you've been enjoying for iii books may non run across the low-cal at the destination of the tunnel actually puts a damper on things.  That's when you lot receive got to mean value almost your priorities, together with your friendship, together with what you're actually willing to practise to run across something locomote published.

Readers are driving the marketplace position correct now, equally it seems they e'er have.  I spent several years working inwards a bookstore, together with never genuinely appreciated how those books came to live on there.  Every calendar month nosotros would locomote catalogues inwards the mail, amongst page later page of books past times authors I'd never heard of.  I would pollex through them, inquire if I could locomote an ARC if they were offered, perhaps run across what powerfulness live on ordered.  Sometimes the director would receive got circled a volume or marked the page, together with then I would know to await it.  Sometimes in that location would live on something interesting that was crossed off, or that seemed to receive got been overlooked.  Often my suggestions were non heeded.

The argue is that I am inwards the minority.  I bring it, I've accepted it my whole life.  Fantasy together with sci-fi are non the most pop genres, together with they don't create the bestselling novels that seem to live on constantly on the shelves.  James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Nicholas Sparks - all of them ascendance an audience's attention, whether proficient or bad (mostly bad - but that's exactly my opinion).  They somehow earn their spots at the tiptop past times writing the same book, over together with over again.  There's no imagination, there's no spark, there's no (and I abhor to state this when talking almost fantasy, but) magic to them.  There's goose egg inwards them that makes me think, "Wow, this could never laissez passer on off inwards existent life but I love it!"  It is together with then much easier for them to locomote published only because they receive got the readership, whereas fantasy together with scientific discipline fiction to a greater extent than oft than non don't.  Aside from tried-and-true geniuses similar Ray Bradbury, Terry Pratchett (who, despite his reject inwards popularity together with recognition nonetheless manages to destination upwardly on the bestseller listing for at to the lowest degree 1 calendar week when a novel volume comes out - AND he gets published inwards hardcover), Neil Gaiman, together with yes, fifty-fifty J.K. Rowling, real rarely are novel authors published, together with fifty-fifty to a greater extent than rarely are novel fantasy together with scientific discipline fiction available inwards difficult cover.  The sales aren't there.  That is sad.

What makes this all the to a greater extent than personal is that I know a fantasy writer.  I consider her, Katharine Kerr, a friend.  I invited her to my wedding, fifty-fifty though I knew she in all likelihood couldn't come, exactly because I wanted her to know that I appreciate together with aid almost her.  She has allow me read advance copies of approximately of the Nola O'Grady books, which has been an indescribably happy sense for me.  I wishing I could never run across the destination of it.

But amongst the start ii books non selling equally good equally the publishers had hoped, together with amongst the massive amounts of piracy of the existing books, Kit is facing what many other serial writers face: the destination of the serial earlier it's finished.  But perhaps we, equally readers, tin help.  Maybe nosotros tin assist all of our favorite authors.  It all starts with, well, buying the book.  Show the publishers you lot want this material.  Show the authors you lot desire them to maintain writing.  Don't exactly download it from approximately poorly-copied website, purchase the actual book.  Secondly, if your favorite writers' books are inwards danger of non existence published, write to the publisher.  Tell them how much you lot savour the serial together with desire to locomote along to run across it published.  Tell them you lot desire to brand certain the authors you lot honey are compensated for their difficult work, together with that the readers locomote to locomote along to savour the difficult operate of the writers they love.

I would similar to inquire all of you lot Kit fans out in that location to delight write to DAW together with tell them how much you lot are enjoying the Nola O'Grady series, together with would similar to run across it completed.  You tin contact them past times e-mail, or past times snail mail.  I sent an electronic mail off this afternoon, but I powerfulness essay to shipping a newspaper alphabetic lineament shortly too.  Every footling chip helps.

And I urge each together with every 1 of you, if you lot notice that your favorite authors are inwards danger of not  having their difficult together with wonderful operate published, write to their publishers.  Show your appreciation.  And most importantly, purchase the books.


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