Goodreads: Independent Mass Blogger Awards

Hello everyone!

I know it's been a picayune spare around hither lately, as well as that's my ain fault.  I've been reading a lot, precisely haven't been motivated plenty to write close what I'm reading.  I gauge it has to create alongside the fact that I've been reading a lot of groovy books, precisely they aren't books that compel me to nation much other than "I loved it!"  I did larn by to complete Little Dorrit a pair weeks ago, which made me rattling happy.  It was a groovy book, precisely it actually did accept some of my dear for Dickens away.

In other news, Goodreads is starting their Independent Book Blogger Awards as well as I nominated myself.  Why not, right?

Voting doesn't outset until Apr 10th, precisely delight vote for my blog! I could win a trip to Book Expo America inward NYC, as well as I've ever wanted to become to a mass expo!

s been a picayune spare around hither lately Goodreads: Independent Book Blogger Awards

Vote for this spider web log for the Independent Book Blogger Awards!



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