Well friends, it looks similar I volition non brand my goal of reading 75 books this year. It's taken me almost vi weeks to read NW yesteryear Zadie Smith, fifty-fifty though it's non that long. And I haven't been reading a lot of e-books lately either. I experience like, despite my seriously awesome dedication to this challenge, 75 books was also high a goal.

 This inwards itself makes me sad. Why is it that together with hence many people I know tin read 100 or to a greater extent than books inwards a year? For a spell there, I felt similar I was reading constantly. Am I choosing books that are also long? Am I reading also slowly? Am I simply non reading the correct stuff? I'm the somebody who has a MA inwards English, but I read to a greater extent than piece of cake than those who don't! I must simply receive got unlike habits, or read at a unlike pace, or mayhap I'm simply unlike inwards general. Who knows why I can't read that many books? Does it actually matter?

 I receive got read many really long books this year, together with for that I am giving myself a pat on the back. Little Dorritt was extremely long, equally was Anna Karenina. Dan Simmons' Flashback was actually non bad (not disappointing, simply slow) but it took me to a greater extent than than a calendar month to acquire through it. But looking through my list of read books, I've read a lot of shorter books, too. Where did the fourth dimension go?

 This is non together with hence much a lament, equally a musing, I suppose. Maybe side yesteryear side twelvemonth I volition attain 75. Maybe I won't. It is a goal I tin fix for myself, but simply because I don't attain it doesn't hateful I wasn't successful. I receive got read together with hence many fantastic books this year, together with fifty-fifty or together with hence that weren't together with hence hot, together with a few that were downright bad. I've been enriched yesteryear everything, fifty-fifty if I hated it, because I receive got learned to a greater extent than close what I relish reading together with what I don't. I receive got given novel authors, series, together with genres a endeavour together with flora that I liked or together with hence together with non liked others. I receive got discovered novel serial that I actually desire to read, together with pushed out a few others based on the get disappointing book.

 It's non Dec yet, together with hence I know I volition at to the lowest degree brand my previous goal of 50 books for the year. But I don't know that I'll attain the count of 68 from concluding twelvemonth which led me to brand the goal of 75 for this year. I don't know that the discover of books matters when compared to the character together with content of the books I've been reading. Some books I experience I've wasted fourth dimension on simply because I liked their covers, but y'all never genuinely know what you'll similar until you've tried it. So side yesteryear side twelvemonth I volition fix myself the same goal of 75 books. And I volition operate similar hell to acquire at that spot because it agency a lot to me. But if I don't, it's okay. I know I've read a lot. And what I've read has oftentimes been great. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 goal is simply a goal.

 PS - I didn't write a review of Flashback fifty-fifty though I actually liked it. I flora at the terminate that I didn't actually receive got anything to country close it. Some books simply receive got that final result on me, where at the terminate I experience non bad close finishing it, together with I actually enjoyed it, but I'm left feeling naught inwards item close the experience. So spell it wasn't disappointing, it didn't acquire out me euphoric similar the residual of his books did (except for Phases of Gravity, which left me alongside the same empty feeling at the end). So that's why I never wrote anything on it, inwards illustration anyone was wondering.


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