Collecting (Hoarding?)

First of all, hello! I'm dorsum from my wedding/honeymoon, in addition to convey gotten dorsum into the swing of things at work. I've likewise started getting dorsum into the reading habit, which is wonderful. We didn't convey much unloose energy for reading on the honeymoon, in addition to hence spell I did create out to larn through the bulk of One More for the Road inwards the airport, I didn't larn much other reading done.

I did, however, come upwards abode amongst nearly xxx extra pounds of books. xxx pounds? Maybe I'm exaggerating. But nosotros had to larn an extra carry-on to comport them all home, in addition to that affair was HEAVY! Between the 2 of us, nosotros stopped inwards at to the lowest degree iv unlike bookstores inwards our travels (I admit, that was something I was seriously looking frontward to in i lawsuit nosotros had decided on London) in addition to spent nearly £100 on books (I had to command myself). Chris institute a yoke of Thomas the Tank Engine books that he had been looking for, in addition to that made him happy. I ended upwards buying the most, but it was worth it.

Among my finds were several Wilkie Collins books that I haven't been able to discovery inwards bookstores inwards the States. I bought Armadale in addition to a few others, equally good equally the British edition of Room, which I convey been wanting to read for months.

My biggest work was putting dorsum all of the British editions of books I already owned. For example, I had to seat dorsum several Ray Bradbury books, i of Katharine Kerr's, in addition to several Dan Simmons books. That was my principal excitement nearly shopping inwards British bookstores, along amongst existence able to larn books I can't here. But I did create out to larn i particular edition of i of my favorite books: This edition of Hyperion. How awesome is that?! I know, the embrace is plain, but yous don't run into things similar this every day.

I approximate yous could bill me of existence a hoarder, but I prefer the term "collector." This makes my... quaternary or 5th re-create of Hyperion, which is exciting! Granted, 2 of the copies are the same volume marketplace paperback, i is merely newer because the other is falling apart from all my reads in addition to notes. And similar a shot that I convey other Collins books, I tin truly display them! We volition hold out reorganizing our books inwards a few weeks in addition to I innovation on putting them inwards the display bookcase amongst the drinking glass sliding windows. That does hateful that or in addition to hence books volition larn moved out of there, but they were exclusively inwards at that topographic point because I had nowhere else to seat them.

That reminds me, I require to option upwards the books from my parents' household that nosotros used for the centerpieces. Curious to run into what they looked like? Here:


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