Filling Upward The Bookcases

This week, or mayhap it was final weekend, I forget which, I spent a large business office of the twenty-four hr catamenia reorganizing my books. All the books nosotros had used for the centerpieces at our marriage were nonetheless boxed together with needed to endure lay away, together with some books I had boxed intending to sell had made their mode dorsum onto the bookshelves. So I went through the bookshelves together with took downwardly a bunch of books I wanted to larn rid of, mainly some quondam fantasy books that I had bought inwards eBay lots. When I was a teenager I used to purchase large lots of books on eBay to larn some exposure to things I wouldn't normally read, but never ended upwards reading them.

So I cleaned off the shelves, reorganized my volume markets, fix shelves for my favorite authors, lay away the books from the tables, together with discovered that I accept no to a greater extent than room on my shelves for novel books. Uh oh...

In other news, nosotros are identify hunting. In each identify we've looked at, I've tried to innovation out which room would endure the library. So far, no luck. There isn't a lot inwards our toll arrive at around hither that doesn't require a lot of run (to lay it nicely - really, nearly of the houses I've seen accept been full dumps or gorgeous but over our budget).

We are also out of infinite inwards this bird for some other bookcase. We truly looked around the place, trying to discovery some other spot for one, but unless nosotros turned our opened upwards living room together with dining room into ii "rooms" yesteryear putting a bookcase betwixt them, there's simply nowhere else for it to go.

I can't hold back to accept a house...more room for books!


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