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As a follower of NPR Books on Facebook, I encounter a lot of articles most novel books, neat poems, too all sorts of focused articles. But today they posted a link to The xx Most Beautiful Books inwards the World, a fantastic display of over-the-top crazy-awesome bookstores similar you've never seen before. And if you lot guide maintain seen them before, consider me jealous.  Check it out, because some of these bookstores are but plant of art.

From the article:
With Amazon piece of cake taking over the publishing globe too bookstores closing left too right, things tin sometimes seem a lilliputian grim for the brick too mortar booksellers of the world. After all, why would anyone exit the comfort of their couch to purchase a volume when amongst exactly a click of a button, they could guide maintain it delivered to their door? Well, here’s why: bookstores too then beautiful they’re worth getting out of the household (or the country) to watch whether you lot ask a novel hardcover or not. We can’t overestimate the importance of bookstores — they’re community centers, places to browse too discover, too monuments to literature all right away — too then we’ve position together a listing of the most beautiful bookstores inwards the world, from Kingdom of Belgium to Nippon to Slovakia.
 They brand a fantastic point: bookstores are gathering places for the community.  Many guide maintain couches, squeamish lounge chairs, some fifty-fifty guide maintain java shops inwards them.  I intend i of the biggest fault that Friar Tuck, the bookstore where I used to work, always made was non creating a reading area.  Sure, at that spot were a dyad of pocket-size tables too a fancy chair (that honestly wasn't real comfortable), but the tables too chairs were metallic too did non facilitate whatever form of community.  Also, they were at the forepart of the store, which got real mutual coldness inwards the wintertime because of the door opening too closing.  They were correct upward side past times side to the lilliputian java dispensers, too were also unopen together for people to easily browse the magazines piece others were sitting at the tables reading newspapers.

It's been a large dream for me for a long fourth dimension to ain a bookstore someday.  I've imagined how it would look: some crazy-shaped bookcases, built-in bookcases inwards the walls along amongst the rolling ladders (like they had inwards some of the Borders bookstores earlier they closed, but amongst to a greater extent than of an historical expect to them), bang-up areas for displays of niche books, too definitely a bang-up infinite for reading.  Or fifty-fifty a few spaces placed throughout.  I desire it to expect cozy, a lilliputian old, but nonetheless real welcoming too current.  I desire to acquit books that the masses would like, every bit good every bit the books that collectors crave.  See?  I guide maintain a vision.

But my vision doesn't quite compare to some of the bookstores roughly the world.  That's okay though, because every bit long every bit at that spot are readers, at that spot volition hold upward bookstores selling books.  And if I tin hold upward a work of that, it volition brand me too then happy.


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