House Hunting

Not also much is happening on the mass forepart these days.  I've been reading some ARCs that I requested from NetGalley, but hence far nothing's been also impressive.  I'm also having problem getting the books saved to my flash drive, but that's neither hither nor there.  So since I'm abode sick today (there's something going around, a picayune worse than a mutual depression temperature but non quite the flu) I figure I'll speak virtually our solid hunting project.

Chris as well as I convey been looking at houses inwards Massachusetts almost every weekend for over a calendar month now, non including all the houses nosotros looked at inwards New York earlier the holidays.  I desire to say we've completely given upwards on NY existent estate, but at that topographic point are withal some houses that nosotros could afford if nosotros genuinely wanted to try.  The occupation is, he hates NY as well as I'm ambivalent.  So we've been looking to a greater extent than inwards MA as well as having a lot to a greater extent than luck there.  Every weekend we've seen betwixt five as well as vii houses.  After a few viewings I thought nosotros had works life "our house," but it turned out non to endure so.  Considering nosotros desire to pass a long fourth dimension inwards the house, eventually raising a menage unit of measurement there, it needs to endure large plenty for us to expand into, but non hence large that it's unmanageable.  Quite frankly, that's been hard to uncovering inwards our cost range.

But on the summation side, as well as on a book-related banker's complaint which keeps this weblog shipping service on-topic, I've been getting some genuinely awesome ideas for a library during these viewings.  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 distich weeks agone nosotros looked at a solid decorated inwards 1930's agency - nighttime heavy woodwork, lots of art, an older kitchen, as well as master copy floors (that needed some serious work).  The quondam owner, who had passed away, was a mass as well as fine art dealer (my sort of guy).  The books were gone (sadface), but the bookcases were withal at that topographic point on the porch.  There were TONS of them, in all likelihood literally.  Haha.  Yeah, perhaps not.  Anyway, the realtor who was showing the identify was telling us virtually his history alongside books, as well as how many thousands he had owned, as well as I got to a greater extent than as well as to a greater extent than excited.  The solid wasn't for us, but I was having a neat fourth dimension looking around.

And hence nosotros went upstairs.  The bath was meh, the bedrooms were meh, but equally I walked out of one, my realtor said, "Oh Megan, this is YOUR room..." as well as showed me into the library.  It was floor-to-ceiling bookcases, built into the walls, on 2 sides of the room.  In the substance was a tabular array alongside a chair for reading, perusing, researching, what convey you.  I almost died.  It wasn't a beautiful library, but it was the outset solid I'd seen where I had fully connected alongside the previous owner.  I could tell, this guy loved his books.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lot of the houses nosotros are seeing convey built-in shelving, sometimes inwards the bedrooms, or finished basements, but most frequently inwards the living rooms, commonly unopen to a fireplace.  Those shelving units are rarely used to shop books (at to the lowest degree inwards the homes that are currently occupied); instead, I meet knickknacks as well as kitsch taking upwards the shelves.  I intend to myself, these would endure neat for books!  Most of the time, Chris agrees.  He's fifty-fifty started taking the initiative, as well as instantly points out where nosotros could create inwards shelves if at that topographic point aren't whatever at that topographic point already.  We're genuinely both doing this.  He understands how of import a library infinite is to me, as well as he wants an component alongside built-ins equally well.

If nosotros halt upwards inwards a abode without plenty rooms to produce a dedicated library, good we'll but convey to alive alongside setting upwards an component as well as lining the walls alongside mass cases.  But nosotros are looking for but the correct space, because my collection is of import to me, as well as I desire to endure able to display it properly.

Tomorrow is some other large hateful solar daytime of solid hunting.  Our realtor has ready a bunch of showings for us yet again, some nosotros found, some she did.  She's been hence neat alongside finding but the correct houses, as well as spell none convey been "our house" yet, nosotros are confident nosotros volition uncovering i soon.  And who knows, perhaps it volition convey that perfect library infinite later all.


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