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  I could seriously non pose it downwards ane time I started it Review: EnchantedEnchanted past times Alethea Kontis
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I absolutely LOVED this book. Love dear love. I could seriously non pose it downwards ane time I started it. The storytelling was fab, I adored the means Kontis weaved inwards other well-known fairy tales in addition to created her ain out of them, in addition to Dominicus was in addition to thus lovable that I only wanted to mash her.

Also, tin I only say, STAND-ALONE!!! It was a stand-alone! No sequel to read, no serial to complain about, it ended! Guh, dear it!

Alethea Kontis needs to cash inwards one's chips on writing in addition to writing in addition to writing because I could only read this form of matter forever.

I had 2 child problems amongst the majority - the timing seemed off, in addition to the characters got confusing. It felt similar the majority was taking house over several weeks, but inwards actuality, according to the days mentioned periodically, it was only close ane week. Too much was crammed into that ane calendar week for it to hold upwards coherent, but hey, it's magic. The names of the girls drove me nuts, non because they were the days of the week, but I had a heck of a fourth dimension remembering which was which. I kept getting Sabbatum in addition to Dominicus mixed up, in addition to Midweek kept popping upwards when I didn't intend she was fifty-fifty inwards the room. I kept reading Seven equally a publish in addition to non a name, in addition to when Mon in addition to Th were brought upwards I had to remind myself they were married in addition to absent. Also, what the heck was upwards amongst Rumbold in addition to Thursday? That never actually got explained, which was a shame, because I would accept liked to accept seen to a greater extent than of that backstory.

Putting this ane dorsum on my shelf of keepers, in addition to making a conception to re-read ane time to a greater extent than someday.

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