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  So tired of authors who are completely incapable of wrapping things upward Review: The SelectionThe Selection past times Kiera Cass
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...Now that that's out of my system...

Seriously, I thought this was a stand-alone until I got to the end. Grr! So tired of authors who are completely incapable of wrapping things up!

...Now that THAT'S out of my system...

I actually REALLY liked this book. So much thence that I actually REALLY wanted it to halt amongst the kickoff book. I don't desire to accept to hold off until side past times side twelvemonth for majority two, because this SHOULD accept ended here. HERE. Not side past times side year. NOW.

Yet again, my YA gripes accept presented themselves. 1: series. 2: I accept no thought what ANY of the characters await like. "Beautiful" does non tell us what they await like. 3: Love triangle. Both boys are sexy. Both boys similar her. Both boys are consummate opposites.

This review isn't real positive, fifty-fifty though I liked the majority a lot. That's because I liked the majority a lot together with wanted to, y'all know, read the end. The "danger" was introduced real briefly together with unsatisfactorily. I never genuinely experience that anyone is inwards danger, fifty-fifty if they're hiding inwards an hugger-mugger vault, or behind bulletproof curtains. Aspen popping upward at the palace was thence predictable it was laughable. Of COURSE there's a daughter in that place who's a megabitch together with all the same gets to remain anyway. Of COURSE Maxon doesn't run into that she's a megabitch, because these morons never do.

Note to author: FINISH THE DARN BOOK. I desire a conclusion, non a TBC! I larn that there's a lot of coin to hold out made on a series, specially for formulaic YA novels, but come upward on! This is a one-volume majority at best.

But really, I liked this a lot, fifty-fifty if it sounds similar I didn't. The writing was fun (albeit lacking inwards existent technique), the floor was fun (despite its predictability), together with the only affair that could accept ruined the entire affair for me that I'm actually glad didn't move on was megabitch existence a spy together with turning inwards Aspen together with America (America? Seriously?). I'll in all likelihood pick upward majority 2, together with hold out fifty-fifty to a greater extent than disappointed when it turns into a majority 3...and I volition snuff it along to perpetuate the cycle... If y'all don't similar waiting for sequels, together with thence only don't read it until side past times side twelvemonth together with you're golden.

Oh together with inwards example anyone's wondering...Team Maxon. Just sayin'.

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