Just A Few Things.

I'm starting to experience similar I'm reading the same mass over as well as over again, then I've given upwards on YA for forthwith as well as convey moved dorsum into adult fiction. Right forthwith I am reading Madame Bovary, Janeology by Karen Harrington, as well as volition hopefully endure starting Dan Simmons' latest, Flashback, soon.

I am besides working through my feelings of frustration at reading, because equally much equally I was enjoying the YA fiction I had been reading, in that place was a lot I was angry as well as annoyed alongside (see previous posts).  It got to the scream for I wasn't happy reading it anymore, because I merely couldn't conk along seeing the same former thing.  Even Delirium didn't alive upwards to the hype I'd heard.  Maybe it's merely disappointment, but I am starting to experience similar in that place aren't a lot of slap-up books coming out.

The fact that I convey Flashback in my possession makes me giddy, though, because Dan Simmons is inwards my tiptop 5 favorite authors of all time.  As a "grown-up" I detect I'm to a greater extent than able to guide keep the horror aspects of his novels, then I'm actually looking forwards to getting into those books.

In talking alongside a author friend, it was mentioned that I helped her create some problems alongside her latest work, which actually felt good.  She sent me a signed re-create of the book, as well as I noticed that I'm mentioned, along alongside several others I know, inwards the acknowledgments.  That made me experience all warm as well as fuzzy inside.  I beloved beingness able to handle writers, belike because I've lost sight of my ain writing as well as long for a trend to participate inwards the civilization of authorship.  Maybe I should become into proof-reading, or editing, or something along those lines, because it's a slap-up feeling knowing that when an author needs help, I tin dismiss help, fifty-fifty if it's merely alongside something small.  Since I haven't read the edited version of the book, that's something I'm excited to exercise in i trial I complete Flashback.  My signed re-create volition become on a shelf, though, since I already bought my ain on its unloose day.

I'll essay to exercise to a greater extent than of this form of post, as well as less of the reviews, since I convey a feeling the reviews are tedious people as well as I actually wanted to larn into how books tally into my life/how I mold my life around books on this blog, to a greater extent than than reviews.  As always, if yous or a friend convey a writing projection as well as scream for an exterior eye, I'm ever hither as well as gear upwards to help.


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