Review: The Virtually Satelite Past Times Alice Sebold

 This majority was a chip of a disappointment Review: The Almost Moon past times Alice SeboldThe Almost Moon past times Alice Sebold

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This majority was a chip of a disappointment, because I went inwards alongside such high hopes for it. I intend that Alice Sebold came out swinging alongside The Lovely Bones, together with she simply can't seem to alive upward to it alongside this book. In fact, I don't intend it's possible for her to vanquish The Lovely Bones, because it was simply that beautiful.

The Almost Moon is close Helen, a adult woman who has been stuck alongside a mentally sick woman nurture together with an emotionally unstable manful someone nurture her whole life. It took her many years to run into it, but i time she figured it all out, she became really detached from her family. However, at the same time, she was completely unable to brand a determination concerning her ain hereafter - rather, she allow life hold out something that happened to her, rather than living her life to the full. When she makes the split-second determination to smother her mother, her i deed of command inwards the entire book, she disconnects from the residual of the narrative together with from herself. She doesn't seem to know herself, or anyone around her. She can't brand a coherent determination or fifty-fifty bring a really coherent idea from that indicate on.

Spoilers afterwards the jump.

The cease of the new was a disappointment every bit good - past times sitting at that topographic point inwards her mother's neighbor's house, abandoning plans to kill herself inwards favor of waiting for the police delineate to detect her at that topographic point when they destination searching her mother's house, she shows how really powerless she is inwards her ain life. It almost makes me almost wishing she had really killed herself, to laissez passer on herself i terminal deed of power. But inwards the end, Helen is a weak-willed, weak-minded woman, whose self was smothered past times a mentally sick woman nurture together with was never really awakened again.

The majority left me feeling sad, non inwards the agency a lamentable majority is supposed to brand y'all feel, but inwards the agency that I had looked forrard to reading it for together with then long, but it didn't alive upward to the pedestal I had position it on. I recommend it every bit a read, but exclusively if y'all aren't expecting it to stair out upward to The Lovely Bones (and particularly if y'all haven't read The Lovely Bones - that way, no disappointment to hold out had inwards comparison). It's in all likelihood unfair to compare the 2 books, since they are together with then vastly different, but it's something that really can't hold out helped when y'all consider the reasons why people read books past times the same author.

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