Year Terminate Review

Well, it's the cease of the twelvemonth already. I completed my destination of reading fifty books, together with ended upwards at the count of 67. I'm working on ii more, but I gauge they'll convey to count for 2012 since they aren't done yet. Did yous convey whatever goals? Did yous run across them?

I'm considering upping my destination for the coming twelvemonth to 75 books, but I'm non certain if I'll brand it. But who cares? As long every bit I'm reading I'll live on happy.

I've been asked to beta read a mass for mortal really special, which is making me really excited! Great root to the novel year, right? I'm also planning on reading simply about to a greater extent than mainstream books (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is on its fashion to me every bit nosotros speak), together with seriously looking forwards to seeing how A Princess of Mars has been translated onto the big enshroud inwards John Carter.

Since Goodreads has discontinued their swap program, I ended upwards joining BooksFreeSwap. So far it's been a so-so experience. I've received 4 books together with hence far, amongst iii to a greater extent than on their way. However, at that spot isn't a huge render of books upwards at that spot that I want, together with hence waiting for the ones I produce desire has been tough. I was told nigh Bookins, but the transportation on that is together with hence expensive that I'm wondering if it's worth it. What bookswap sites convey yous used? I don't desire to pay to ship, entirely to receive, together with hence simply about of the major sites are non going to operate for me. Suggestions?

I promise yous all convey a wonderful 2012, together with I promise that it includes lots of reading!


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