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 I won this majority inwards the Goodreads giveaway Review: GlimmerglassGlimmerglass yesteryear Jenna Black

My rating: 2 of five stars

Disclaimer: I won this majority inwards the Goodreads giveaway.

Glimmerglass is a new most Dana, a 16-year-old daughter who runs away from her alcoholic woman raise to Avalon, where Faerie too human worlds meet, to alive amongst her Fae father. What she doesn't realize when she makes this determination is that she volition live pulled inwards all sorts of directions, too her life position inwards danger several times, simply yesteryear alerting her manlike someone raise to her existence.

This is definitely a new for immature adults. The linguistic communication too situations are geared toward teens. In that respect, it was an effective book. My work is that it is too made for teens. I honey YA literature, especially YA fantasy, because a lot of it is able to cross borders into adult enjoyment. Diana Wynne Jones is a primary of this, every bit good every bit Tamora Pierce. Jenna Black simply doesn't quite cutting it.

The writer does a practiced chore amongst the teen "dialect," for lack of a ameliorate word. "Like," "duh," too other words associated amongst teens were pretty prevalent inwards the text, which position me off a bit. I intend the book's storey could own got gotten across simply every bit easily without it, too inwards fact, I would rather own got read it inwards the 3rd someone than firstly person. Dana I flora to live a confused, indecisive, too needy girl, which is understandable considering her past, but did non brand for a heroine I peculiarly admired. Maybe that wasn't the indicate of the book. But if I can't experience a connectedness amongst the heroine, I can't bask the read.

There comes a indicate inwards a new where roughly particular needs to acquire clear. Whether it live the bad guy lastly coming into the open, or the heroine learning who she needs to trust too what she needs to do, at that topographic point needs to live a decisive 2nd inwards the majority that serves every bit the climax. There was no climax inwards this book; rather, at that topographic point was constant conflicting information. Who do we, every bit readers, trust? Is Ethan a practiced guy or a bad guy? Is Dana simply a hurting inwards the donkey who feels betrayed at the drib of a hat? Is EVERY Fae guy going to live drooled over? And who the heck is looking out for her? The scene at the halt where Aunt Grace takes decisive activity is an "almost" for this need, but doesn't quite fulfill.

When the halt of the new came, I was frustrated because at that topographic point was no closure. Dana is position essentially into a prison theatre of her father's making, too her woman raise is a ruined wreck of a woman, albeit sober (but bitter). Finn is nonetheless stoic too non completely friendly, Ethan is nowhere to live seen, too Kimber has acquire a sniveling self-conscious infant instead of the potent adult woman she shows off at the beginning. I empathise at that topographic point is a sequel, thence at that topographic point can't live consummate closure, but every majority needs to own got roughly form out of conclusion. This was similar putting a "To Be Continued..." message at the halt of a TV show. The best authors tin conclude a majority too and then start the sequel every bit a continuation.

Overall, at that topographic point were a lot of things I would change, but too then it wouldn't live Jenna Black's book, it would live mine. I justice you lot can't e'er acquire what you lot desire inwards a read, but spell it was a somewhat interesting read, I didn't halt upwards liking it plenty to selection upwards the adjacent book.

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